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Can Any Good Thing Come Out of Covid? (Episode 503)

Though this is a tough time to Pastor a church, Pastor Michel shares some of the good that has come out of this time. Listen in as he shares those things with Brothers Stone & Wolvin.

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  1. Michelle Tao Michelle Tao

    In one of your questions for Pastor Michel, you asked what older pastors should know in order to connect with Millenials or the Gen Z. While Pastor Michel beat around the bush and said that the older pastors are fine just as they are, I agree but want to add that when pastors are willing to have an online presence, it shows that they want to reach the next generation.

    Practically, churches should have a well maintained website. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Perhaps someone can take this on as a ministry of the church. I know of missionaries who would not contact churches if they didn’t have a website because it communicates that they do not prioritize outreach. I agree.

    This might be stating the obvious, but some churches don’t have a website, which makes it more difficult to reach a younger generation.

    Just my two cents. Thanks for your podcast!

    Michelle. 🙂

    • Administrator Administrator

      Those are some great thoughts, Michelle, I will use that on an upcoming podcast. I’ll just use your first name. Bro. Stone

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